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Publisher Rocket

There are many things Publisher Rocket can do to help authors promote their books or eBook. But here are the top 4 that users love:

  • Helps your book get discovered easily by more Amazon buyers.
  • Finds the best categories for your book to help you reach bestseller status faster.
  • Reveals what other writers are doing, how much they earn, and more.
  • Creates efficient and effective Amazon book ads for you, thereby saving you time and effort.

In this review of Publisher Rocket, we will look more deeply into each of the four things that Publisher Rocket does.

1. Helps Your Book To Be Easily Discovered by More Amazon Shoppers.

One of the best ways for shoppers to find their next book on Amazon is to type phrases or words into Amazon’s search bar that describe what they’re looking for. Based on this, Amazon chooses which books to show to these buyers.

To get your book discovered by your kind of book buyers, you need to select Amazon keywords for your book. But not just any keywords. For your book to profit and make sales, you need keywords that:

  • People write on Amazon when they search for a book to buy.
  • People end up buying books that show up for it.
  • Are not too competitive so that you can have a decent chance of actually showing up for them.

You see, most writers just guess their keywords and come up with terms they think are appropriate. But if those “guesses” doesn’t fit any of the above three criteria perfectly, your book won’t be found by hungry book buyers.

So how do writers find keywords being searched for, make sales, and that aren’t too competitive?

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This is where the Publisher Rocket stands out.

Amazon Keywords Search

All you have to do is start by giving Rocket a phrase and it will not only find other terms buyers have used but also show you:

  • How many people are actually typing this phrase – That’s huge!
  • How much money books that rank for this term are making?
  • How competitive is this term with an easy score from 0 to 100, where 0 is easy and 100 is difficult
  • Provide separate information for eBooks and audiobooks

Just like that, no more guesswork and no more thinking or hoping.

This shows the information you need to make the right choice and introduce your book to more book buyers.

2. Helps to Find the Best Categories for Your Book

Pick the wrong category for your book and you could struggle to make it to Amazon bestseller status.

However, if you do it right, not only can you become a bestselling author, but you can also keep that bestseller ranking and that awesome orange bestseller tag to give your book more exposure and, ultimately, increase sales.

Amazon Bestseller

So how do you find these amazing categories?

For the purposes of this article, there are two really hard things for writers to do when it comes to categories:

  • Because you can choose 10 categories for your book
  • There are over 16,000 categories on Amazon

How does Publisher Rocket help you?

Want to see all Amazon book and eBook categories in one list and even use filters to quickly find the best one for your book?

Want to know how many books you need to sell to be number 1 in this category?

Well, with Publisher Rocket 2.0 you can:

Publisher Rocket Category Feature

3. Shows You What Other Authors Are Doing and How Much They are Making

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how other books on the Amazon market are doing and what works for them?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who your book would compete with on Amazon?

Well. you can. By using Publisher Rocket’s Competitor Analyzer, you can gain important insights into other books and their success.

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Amazon Competition Analyzer

As you can see, knowing this information can help you make better decisions about which niches to focus on and what is trending in the market.

It can also help you see which books are working well and analyze what works for them so you can adjust or improve those areas.

4. Helps You Create Effective and Efficient Amazon Book Ads

Amazon ads are an incredibly powerful way to grab the attention of book buyers.

But the problem with Amazon Ads is:

You need to have lots of keywords to get traction.

You have to constantly monitor, update, and modify your campaigns.

To help writers save time by avoiding tedious research, copy-pasting, and researching, the AMS Keywords feature comes to the rescue.

Simply enter an initial phrase that describes your book, and Publisher Rocket goes to work finding hundreds of relevant keywords and their ASINs (a new feature that works well with Amazon’s new advertising system).

AMS Feature of Publisher Rocket

Isn’t it amazing?

Is Publisher Rocket the Right Tool for Me?

Are you a writer who falls into one of these categories?

You have a great book, but it’s not selling as well as you’d like or think.

You have an idea for a book but you’re not sure if it will sell and you want to know before you invest your time, money, and energy into it.

You spend hours researching keywords, and categories, or finding keywords for your book ads.

You just want to know what’s going on in the Amazon marketplace and see how others are doing.

Then Publisher Rocket is for you. It is a mirror into the marketplace and a great time saver.


I hope that this Publisher Rocket review has opened your eyes to the possibilities that exist when you use this amazing tool. In this review of Publisher Rocket, we have seen the numerous advantages that authors stand to benefit from using this tool. If you are ready to take the plunge, you can check out this amazing tool here

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